1. Be honest

Talk to your child in an age-appropriate way and tell them how diabetes can affect them if it is not managed properly.3 You don’t have to dive into the science behind diabetes, but you need to teach them about the risks of hypoglycaemia from a young age so they are aware of the complications.2 With the FreeStyle Libre system, your child will be able to check their blood glucose levels with a quick scan, instead of finger pricking all the time.*

2. Be positive

How you handle your child’s diabetes can impact and be reflected back by your child.3 Give them support and make discussions about diabetes management an everyday thing. This will normalise the conversation. Your child should understand it is possible to live a normal life with diabetes with proper management, mindful care and a positive mindset.5 Praise them every time they pick a healthier snack, or finish their dinners, or when your child takes on some self-care responsibilities. This will encourage them to be more aware of their lifestyles from a young age.

3. Be informed

Stay on top of the latest diabetes and diabetes care information and pass this knowledge onto your child. You can learn how to get the most of your FreeStyle Libre system when you join the FreeStyle Libre Academy. You can approach it as a fun, learning experience with your child. Parents are often expected to quickly become the ‘experts’ as they are primarily in charge of their child’s diabetes management.1