1. Move your healthcare and register with a doctor nearby.

There is nothing worse than being ill, on your own, and not knowing where to go. Especially if you have diabetes, knowing where to get your insulin supplies is essential.

2. Test your glucose more often.

Nerves about starting university and making new friends, moving and exam stress can all raise your blood glucose.1 No matter where you are, you can easily check your glucose using the FreeStyle LibreLink app on your phone.*,**

3. Make sure to have a budget plan.

Trust us, this will go a long way…especially if you’re not used to living on your own and managing your own money. Tip: You will probably save more money if you planned a weekly food shop. This is also a good way to control your diet if you live with diabetes.3


5. Know how alcohol can affect your diabetes.

After all, some people say university is where they have had some of their best parties. It’s easy to get carried away during freshers’ week, but remember, excessive alcohol can reduce your blood sugar levels.2 As soon as you feel comfortable with your new friends, tell them you have diabetes and what to do if you have a hypo.

6. Keep in touch with your parents.

You’ve now left the nest… but you don’t want your parents to be worried about you, even more so if you have diabetes. With LibreLinkUp***, your parents will be able to monitor your diabetes remotely to see how you’re managing – here’s your chance to show them your independence!